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The following chart is a guideline of ampacity or copper wire current carrying capacity following the Handbook of Electronic Tables and Formulas for American Wire Gauge.

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The frequency listed in the table shows the frequency at which the calculated skin depth is equal to the radius of the wire, and is an indication that above this frequency you should start considering the skin effect when calculating the wire's resistance. A circular mil is the area of a wire one mil in diameter.

In careful engineering the voltage drop, insulation temperature limit, thickness, thermal conductivity, and air convection and temperature should all be taken into account.

Wire Gauge and Current Limits Including Skin Depth and Strength

Breaking Force for Copper Wire This estimate is based on nick-free soft annealed Cu wire having a tensile strength of pounds per square inch. The Maximum Amps for Power Transmission uses the circular mils per amp rule, which is very very conservative.

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Some cables of this type may be flat to save copper. This increases the effective resistance. Wire sized 1 AWG is referred to as "one gauge" or "No.

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This sheath for 14 AWG cable is usually white when used for NM-B wiring intended for electrical distribution in a dry location, although older wire may be black.

The color is a North American industry standard for cables made sinceand aids identification.

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An older abbreviation for one thousand circular mils is MCM. X" wire, where x is the positive integer AWG number.

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Metric Wire Gauges see table below Metric Gauge: Two conductor cable is available with black and red conductors only for this purpose; the outer sheath is likewise red.