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Abpeoplepickernavigationcontroller delegate not called dating. Chapter address book

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Sprite Kit's physics engine will The user can tap Done or Cancel; if Done, the edits are automatically saved into the database. The delegate is notified when the user taps a property.

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That bar is transparent and is displayed as the topmost view in a window. For example, if the user taps an address, it will be displayed in the Maps app; if the user taps an email, we will switch to the Mail app and compose a message addressed to that email.

The editing view has already been dismissed and the user has either cancelled the second parameter is nil or has tapped Done the second parameter is the ABPerson already saved into the database.

The delegate has one method, newPersonViewController: You have two options: At an even higher level, there are sources yet another kind of ABRecord: Your code is not notified that the user has edited the person, or that the user has returned from the person view controller to the main interface.

The user has tapped a person in the contacts list, provided to you as an ABRecordRef.

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This causes the system to forget that it has ever asked about access for any app. In this example, we want the user to pick an email. To use ABUnknownPersonViewController, instantiate it, set the properties listed in the foregoing paragraph, set its unknownPersonViewDelegate not delegateand push it onto the stack of an existing navigation controller.

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If the new person is nil, the user tapped Cancel. A complicating factor, however, is that the same real person might appear in two different sources as two different ABPersons; to deal with this, it is possible for multiple persons to be linked, indicating that they are the same person.

And then in viewDidload add the hight constraint to settingsView constraints.

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