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Many eukaryotic cells also switch on their anaerobic respiration process in case the oxygen supply is low. In cells that use oxygen, a sugar molecule is broken down into two molecules of pyruvate.

Aerobic Respiration

The first step in all cellular respiration pathways is glycolysis that takes place without the presence of molecular oxygen. All cells split sugars to release some of the chemical energy stored in the sugar molecules.

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According to the definition, aerobic respiration is a set of events that occur inside the cells of organisms, to produce ATP by burning food in the presence of oxygen. The cellular respiration that occurs in presence of oxygen is called aerobic respirationand the one that occurs in absence of oxygen is anaerobic cellular respiration.

False Answer to Question 3 False! Additionally, these terminal electron acceptors are less efficient in their reduction potentials and could only produce a couple of ATP molecules per glucose molecule.

Both aerobic and anaerobic respiration start with the process of glycolysis. What is Anaerobic Respiration?

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All cells perform glycolysis. Anaerobic respiration is synonymous with fermentation, especially in the glycolytic pathway, but ethanol and carbon dioxide is formed as waste products in fermentation. In the process of glycolysis, two ATP molecules are consumed and four are produced.

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Instead they carry out respiration in the absence of oxygen to produce the energy they require this is called anaerobic respiration. When the cell needs more energy, such as when we exercise, it turns oxygen into CO2 faster in order to generate more ATP.

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The released energy is used to make a special energy molecule called Adenosine triphosphate ATP. Aerobic respiration process uses oxygen as the final electron acceptor.

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This step yields two ATP molecules.