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Air hose quick connects for fuel tank hookup, part 1 of 6: verifying the condition of the fuel hose

If you did not have a nine volt battery saver, you will have to reset all of the settings in your vehicle, like your radio, electric seats, and electric mirrors. Turn the ignition key on. Remove the nine volt battery saver from the cigarette lighter.

Install a fuel line to the fuel pump. Be sure to remove the transmission jack. Put thread locker onto the threads of the mounting bolts. Using a floor jack, lift under the vehicle at its specified jacking points until the wheels are completely off the ground.

If your engine light comes on after replacing the fuel hose, then there may be further diagnosis of the fuel system or a possible electrical issue within the fuel system. Snap the quick disconnect together onto the fuel pump.

Fuel Line Quick Disconnect

Pull out the jack and put it aside. Test drive the vehicle Step 1: Checking for leaks Materials Needed Step 1: Hook up the fuel tank straps. This is located by the firewall. Part 4 of 6: Raise up the fuel tank and, if you have a fuel filter, snap the fuel line to the filter and ensure that the connections are tight.

Sniff the air for any fuel odors.