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With the live video, you can offer the support required to solve any problem.

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Save on transfers There is no need to visit your customer every time there is a problem, as you can easily see it from your desk. Record and file Easily record photos and videos, store files and make them available for your business requirements.

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Learn more Contact us Smartglasses, hands free To solve a problem you need to have your hands free. With Acty, your company's experts will be the linchpin of an innovative, simple, functional support service.

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Indeed, the technician on the field will be able to intervene effectively, carefully following the instructions provided in real time by the expert from a remote workstation, who in this way has a full, live view of the situation.

Acty enables you to access support in real time by smartphone, but also via smartglasses, so that you can work freely while the images are being sent.

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Free your hands Choose innovation: Learn more Contact us Your expert, your solution To resolve a problem, you need an expert.

Renew the support offered Identify the customer's location, read the product barcode, share a manual, amaze your customers.

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Offering support to customers and colleagues means being able to share your know-how and use the technical information available to find the ideal solution to every situation. Decide what you spend Choose the most suitable configuration and payment term, and suspend the service whenever you want.

Customisations If you are interested in integrating Acty as part of your company App, call us. We can do it.

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