What is Alienate? definition and meaning What is Alienate? definition and meaning

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More Vocab Words pretext - excuse nocturnal - done or active at night; Ex. In he declined the two bishoprics of Ely and Salisbury, as the offers were coupled with a proposal to alienate part of the revenues of those sees.

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While he thus resisted the clergy and nobility he successfully opposed the demand of the king to be allowed to alienate the public lands and royal demesnes, although the chief deputies had been won over to assent.

I have only just become prior — how can I start by alienating a right that has belonged to my priory for hundreds of years?. She alienated herself from all of her old friends.

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Alliances with various land powers, and an inability to understand the true relations which alone could unite the league, combined to alienate the allies, who could discover no reason for the expenditure of their contributions on protecting Sparta or Corinth against Thebes. I realize that as soon as the topic of options is brought up, it alienates one half of investors who are risk averse and believe options are evil.

You may feel alienated by society.

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Admiralty had foreseen that such a move would alienate the public, and consequently the. Jesus alienates the Pharisees, the scribes, and the.

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The machine as labor saving is relationship alienating: His aggressive behavior would eventually alienate his co-workers. The original meaning of the word means anyone who is not a citizen of your particular country.

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