Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones in 'Celeste and Jesse Forever': movie review - Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones in 'Celeste and Jesse Forever': movie review -

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Then something quite unusual happened.

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Both parties try dating and, slowly, everyone grows up a little. This film could go one of two ways.

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The perfect example being what you first think is a throwaway character, a Lady Gaga-esque popstar played by Emma Roberts, who, shocking, turns out to be an actual human being with depth and feeling. Jesse works as an analyst alongside Messina's character, and Graynor is their sc4020 flirty friend, though clearly a little closer with Celeste.

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It could be The Break-Up 2 or it could a thoughtful commentary on the pratfalls of losing not only your spouse but your best friend. Let's hope it takes the right route to get there.

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With a smaller budget and a script co-authored by Rashida Jones, the film will have the breathing room to go in whatever direction it chooses. I'd like to have confidence in Samberg and Jones, but we really won't know until we see footage from Lee Toland Krieger's film.

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The writing, by Rashida Jones herself and Will McCormack who also plays the friendly neighborhood pot dealer Skillz is quite sharp. So much so that when there was a callback to the earlier funny voice moment I actually felt guilty for not liking it before.

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Raves for their Cutesy Indie Flick The pair have been drawing raves for their cutesy indie flick. Maybe it was because the premise was, by now, out of the way, or maybe it was just because these actors are just too damn good, but some transformation took place such that I began to actually care about these people, their friends and their futures.

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