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The first zone is central apical zone and the second occurs between the central apical zone and leaf primordium. As the plant matures, apical meristems in the shoots produce new buds and leaves, and apical meristems in the roots are the points of active growth for roots Figure 3.

It turns out that the mechanism of regulation of the stem cell number might indeed be evolutionarily conserved. Apical meristems[ edit ] Apical meristems are the completely undifferentiated indeterminate meristems in a plant.

This histogen is destined to form cortex of root and shoot and inner tissues of leaves.

Apical meristem

This type of asymmetric division is repeated in the downwardly pointed faces of the apical cell. In Datura the shoot apices were experimentally induced to develop cytochimera.

The initials arise independently and not related to tunica. Staining properties of nucleus can recognize the descendents of tetraploid cell.

Other workers treat tunica in a very loose sense and regard that the inner layer s may divide periclinally. This is the primary growth. For example, among members of Antirrhinaeonly the species of the genus Antirrhinum lack a structure called spur in the floral region.

Differences in structure and location Primary or apical meristem is the tissue from which the main stem of a plant arises while lateral meristem is the one from which the plant grows laterally. Merits of tunica-corpus theory: Propagating through cuttings is another form of vegetative propagation that initiates root or shoot production from secondary meristematic cambial cells.

ABC model of flower development When plants begin the developmental process known as flowering, the shoot apical meristem is transformed into an inflorescence meristem, which goes on to produce the floral meristem, which produces the sepals, petals, stamens, and carpels of the flower.

The next division of the apical cell is also asymmetric. The transition from shoot meristem to floral meristem requires floral meristem identity genes, that both specify the floral organs and cause the termination of the production of stem cells.