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Includes media files referenced by FileField and ImageField fields. Back up an entire subscription. Currently, it only supports postgres. The dump format can be selected - either 'plain' or 'custom' are accepted. Export a database dump in the SQL format.

Individual dumps can be restored into any database of the same type as the type of a dump for example, MySQL. When restoring the backup, you can select a database to restore. This enables you to create a backup file in a selected storage on the Plesk server or on a remote FTP server.

We want to provide a short description for this first backup, so select the "Add manifest" checkbox and enter "This is my first archive! Your backup archives have now been removed from the hosting account.

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This enables you to restore data from a file in the SQL format. Click Compress File s to compress the archive. You can see the content of your archive by double-clicking on it: