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Episode 40 Dub Escape From Volcano Island Astro has been nominated for the "Robot of the Year" award--but the ceremony is interrupted when Drake and his anti-robot group attack the ship.

Episode 29 Dub Atlas Strikes Back! Stream movie Astro Boy. Episode 13 Dub The Rise of Pluto Pluto, one of the strongest robots Metro City has ever seen, has vowed to become the supreme robot champion of the world.

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This is a bug of Adblock not our fault!! Stone has the destructive Red Core placed into the Peacekeeper, causing it to go berserk, leading to Toby being disintegrated after sneaking into the room. When he awakens, he has lost his memory.

Originally intended to be kept a secret, the atomic-powered robot becomes a reluctant superhero who fights for justice and peace for humans and robots alike.

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Astro must shrink down to microscopic size and go inside of Zoran's system to fight the micro-robot and save his sister. Stone, desperate to win a re-election, has Toby pursued by his guards but the battle leads to Toby tumbling off the city edge onto the Surface. Episode 11 Dub Reviving Jumbo Skunk reactivates Jumbo, a giant robot and uses him to stage a daring prison break.

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Episode 35 Dub Gideon Gideon, a prototype exploration robot that looks like a dolphin is afraid to go on his first mission into the deep sea because of "The Phantom Pirate," a legendary underwater ghoul. Tenma sets out to prove that Astro is loyal to the robot cause and will join them in leading the robot revolution.

When Zoran is accidentally caught in the hunters' time machine and transported back to the Stone Age, it's up to Astro to rescue her.

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Toby discovers his robotic capabilities including rocket-powered flight and the ability to understand other robots. Toby flies home but learns from Tenma of his origins and is rejected by him, flying away much to the sadness of Dr.

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But when Matthew tries to use his "robot" powers to rescue his mother from a space shuttle accident, it's up to Astro to save them both. Episode 26 Dub Robot Boy Astro's new human friend Matthew loves robots so much that he dresses up in scrap metal and pretends that he IS a robot.

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