Asus X75A-XH51 - External Reviews Asus X75A-XH51 - External Reviews

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The rubber coating on the outside might be for a purely design aspect, but on the inside under the keyboard it does far more. What it does have though is pretty impressive; first there are four USB 3. This again is an aesthetic design that serves to set the G75 apart from other laptops in the field.

The most egregious omission in my opinion here is the lack of any kind of 5. The screen has a decent black value of 0.

Asus X75A-TY028V

In regards to graphics, Asus has really gone above and beyond on the G The laptop is certainly functional but doesn't quite fall into being a value oriented laptop either. It also lacks some of the ergonomics like the keyboard that stray from ASUS's exceptional past designs.

They were virtually silent, which was further realized by just muting everything else while playing Battlefield 3 on Ultra — I had to actually strain myself to hear them. Actual figures may vary in real-world situations. The sound on the system is good — not quite as good as one of those HP jobs with Beats in them, but damn well close.

It is also extremely responsive, and whatever coating is on it allows your fingers to glide over it effortlessly.