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In general, use smaller values for correcting higher frequencies. This software also has standard audio editing features like audio graph, time scale, and ability to select some part of the audio by dragging the mouse over the audio graph.

This software also does not have any preview option. The higher the value, the more precise the placement of stretched audio over time. For voices, a setting of or sounds most natural. Play with the "Pitch" and "Gain" sliders to change your sound. Apart from that, you can easily save audio in same as well as in some other audio format, which gives you more freedom to work with different audio formats.

Precision Higher settings produce better quality but require more processing time. Source audio, however, may have been recorded using a different standard, so you can specify A4 values from to Hz. In the Editor panel, do either of the following: This effect requires offline processing.

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Audio Pitch Shifter

To zoom in on specific pitch ranges, right-click and drag in the vertical ruler to the right of the Spectral Pitch Display. Do note that you can only save an audio in same format as the imported audio format. The combination of scale and key determines the key signature.

Support for compressed patent free formats like ogg vorbis might be added in the future. Online Tone Generator Free online pitch shifter. To quickly determine which Precision setting to use, process a small selected range at each setting until you find the best balance of quality and processing time.