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How can you tell? The effect is humorous, but not for the right reasons; you keep expecting him to go off on one of his riffs to signal that he's joking. Continue reading Show less Is it any good?

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Despite the lows -- and there are lows -- you just know there will be a happy ending. August Rush does a great job of establishing the connection between Evan and his mother; in two separate scenes, they discuss how many days they've been apart, using nearly the same syntax.

Evan takes up with them, and it's Wizard who renames him August Rush. But there doesn't appear to be the same bond between Evan and his father though seeing them play guitar together is somewhat moving.

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Nine months later, when a pregnant Lyla winds up in the hospital after an accident, she's told that the baby she and Louis conceived that night has died. However Robin Williams strikes the wrong chord as Wizard, an aging busker, who, Fagin-like, rounds up a bunch of musically inclined street urchins, encourages them to play, then keeps much of their take at the end of the day.

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And, last but not least, what can viewers learn from how Evan keeps believing in a kinder, gentler world, despite his background and everything that happens to him?

Do you expect a movie like this to be realistic? Just like the movie's happy ending Families can also discuss how the movie portrays music.

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