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He told us he could've probably pursued a career in it but due to a prior incident he developed a fear that wouldn't allow him to. In DecemberHe finally made YouTube his full-time job and like he said, actually enjoying his life and everything he did.

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He lived with his mom but later they both moved to Santa Barbara to live with his grandma as his mom thought it would be better for him. He realized it wouldn't work as well without any help so he got in touch with David and BootstrapBuckaroo.

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However, some fans have Abandoned Ship following Tom's gambling scandals coming to light in Usually in streams, and YouTube videos he always wears a black shirt and green shorts. He is more well-known for playing Minecraft, but currently reacts to things from Reddit.

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During the 3rd quarter of his freshman year, Maron tried to get in, but since it was already packed with people, he had to wait to take the summer course instead. At the same time his mom became worried about how it would affect his education since he was about to start college but he promised to always prioritize school and he didn't really see YouTube as something that would ultimately take off anyways.

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I knew a lot of people thought it was weird that we were 5 years apart in age, but I had seen a comment once to commbate that saying," My parents are 12 years apart, Moms the older one".

Jordan was able to sign the lease for his own house actually a condo and he's really thankful to everyone who's helped him thus far. He always got good grades and did well academically but social interactions weren't his best forte. He also appeared in the Cats React video dressed up as a cat, after the real cats had no real reactions.

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Minecraft Style featured in Google's Year in Review CaptainSparklez is famous for his Minecraft parodies where he changes the lyrics of a popular song to fit into the world of Minecraft.

The song affiliated in this video is titled, Fallen Kingdom.

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Over 10 million subscribers.