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Porsche always seems to find a way to make the racing versions wider and more aggressive without losing sight of the original body lines. Due to FIA homologation rules, Porsche was forced to build and sell road-going GT2 variants which are now some of the most highly sought after s around, with only a few hundred examples built worldwide.

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Teamed up with some custom cams, head work and aftermarket pistons and rods, this engine cranks out just over hp, which is actually quite tame by Gatebil standards.

Subscribe to see the full article Supercup winner Jean-Pierre Malcher points, 2.

Black Porsche 993 GT2 To Entice Collectors In Auction

The Targa was hinged on the dzika rodzinka online dating so the guests were able to see the all-glass top the car was later exhibited the same way in the Porsche Werkswagen salesroom in Zuffenhausen; it was not for sale and might still be there.

But he not only races against cars that weigh half as much and produce double the horsepower, he usually wins.

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Subscribe to see the full article May: Although in this case form is definitely following function, the lines are often blurred between the two. Fortunately this year at Mantorp Park, Paddy, Dino and I were on a mission to leave as few cars un-featured as possible, which gave me the motivation necessary to really give this car a good second look.

Porsche Cayenne About Porsche The sun is shining, the sky is blue; it must be time to roll down the windows, turn up the radio, and hit the strip in your Porsche In all, this particular duck competed in 62 races from before being sold. Starting with the Carrera turbo for Group5 racing, followed by the a racing version of the for Group4 racing, then the famous Porsche which dominated Group5 and IMSA racing through So there I was, standing face-to-face with a genuine GT2 Evo 2.

backdating porsche 993 gt2

Emmanuel Collard p. Thank god I did. The last of Porsche's cars fitted with an air-cooled motor is one of the brand's hottest rides, boasting a distinctive body shape with broad rear wings that blend into the tail, and modernized detailing for a contemporary vibe.

The Targa has the body of the cabriolet with the Targa glass roof replacing the fabric roof system.