Bar Rescue (a Titles & Air Dates Guide) Bar Rescue (a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

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The alleged chef from Fairways Golf and Grill, who didn't even know how to cook a hamburger, and kept what was likely the most unsanitary kitchen to have ever appeared on the show.

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It was much better before Since the accidental airing however, the episode has not officially re-aired on Spike; it was only available on file-sharing websites for a short time afterward.

In the series, Taffer offers his expert advice on how struggling nightclubs, pubs, and bars can avoid closing their doors. This place is terrible.

Bar Rescue

Taffer had one in "Characters Assassination", flashing back to the Piratz Tavern. I wouldn't send my worst enemy there! Taffer invites Tracy and Jucianno from Piratz Tavern, who were known among other things for overpouring drinks, for his recon in "Getting Freaki at the Tiki". Chef Pink then points out that the food store bought boxed ready-to-bake pizzas in the bar's fridge are far more processed than her dish.

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This is reality television, so it comes with the template. We went to the boardwalk looking for dinner with a view, and got a spot 10 feet from the beach.

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Any time they are put in danger or insulted, Taffer is sure to let the offending parties know. TJ Quill's is renamed to "The Annex" to make it sound a bit more like a bookstore.