12 Mascara Tricks for Flirty Lashes 12 Mascara Tricks for Flirty Lashes

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It can help to let your makeup remover sit on the lashes for a few seconds to loosen your mascara before removing it. Simply place the curler at the root of your lashes, hold and press down.

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Any movement can lead to eyelash fallout or breakage. Want More Eyelash Tips?

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If you think that clumps are forgivable, leave it be. With a zigzag motion, work your way slowly towards the tips. A much safer and easier method of heating your curler is simply to hold it against your skin and warm it with your body heat.

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Eyes are so much more than a superficial thing, they are, indeed, a pathway to your soul. If you curl before eyeshadow, your eyelashes will lose their curl before you apply your mascara. Eyelash enhancers help grow, thicken, and strengthen your eyelashes.

Unclamp and move the curler to the end of the lashes and squeeze again to get a nice lift and curl.

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This trick helps prevent smudging and helps keep your mascara on for longer. Put on an eyelash primer. Plus, it makes the curler messy if you apply mascara first. Ready to join the ranks of women growing healthier, shinier, more beautiful lashes?