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Athanasius Kircher for example had stated that the hieroglyphs were symbols that "cannot be translated by words, but expressed only by marks, characters and figures", meaning that the script was in essence impossible to ever decipher.

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Napoleon Bonaparte's campaign in Egypt — raised the profile of Egypt and its civilization in France, and started a period of Egyptomania During the Napoleonic WarsChampollion was a young bachelor and thus liable to compulsory military service, which would have put him in great danger due to the extremely high mortality of soldiers in Napoleon's armies.

Now you've got to be proactive and hunt on your own! He grew increasingly angry with Champollion, and shared his feelings with his friends who encouraged him to rebut with a new publication.

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Dacier marked a turning point in the story of Egyptology. He sent a letter discouraging the expedition stating that the political situation was too unstable for the expedition to be advisable.

Champollion, Rosselini and Lenormant met with the Pasha on August 24, and he immediately gave his permission. He spent the years — on this task, finally managing to translate the text.

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Legacy Champollion is credited with deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics through his translation of the Rosetta Stoneand thus giving us the insight into the culture and history of ancient Egypt. He also read the name of Berenice, but here only managed to correctly identify the letter n.

On September 19, they arrived in Cairo, where they stayed until October 1 when they left for the desert sites of MemphisSaqqara and Giza.

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They traveled by small boats and camelback to Elephantine and Philae. The Rosetta Stone was inscribed with text in three different languages — Demotic, hieroglyphics, and ancient Greek. Champollion was ambivalent, but the Pope's support helped him in his efforts to secure funds for an expedition.

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