Top Best Hollywood Actresses Of All Time Top Best Hollywood Actresses Of All Time

Black and white hollywood actresses dating, bring back some memories

In fact many of them not only became fan favorites but global icon. However, several female actors have proved this assumption wrong.

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Most girls are chosen as actress just because of their looks. She also danced with Baker in an ensemble called the Happy Honeysuckles.

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She appeared in a radio series called Heroines in Bronze, a National Urban League tribute to black women, in But Washington is best known for her role in the tear-jerker Imitation of Life. Though Bea ultimately starts a company to sell pancake flour using Delilah as her product mascot, an obvious echo of Aunt JemimaPeola spends her life concealing her black roots in order to reap the advantages of whiteness.

Though Washington was cast as a mixed race character more than once, she identified strongly as a black woman, and was outspoken in renouncing racism. Even though she was representing a reality as American as apple pie, Washington was also bringing to the fore the gnarled predicament of race and the many shadows it casts on everyday life.

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Washington was so light-skinned that she reportedly had to wear makeup to play black characters. The two dated for a time, but when Ellington proved noncommittal, Washington took up with the trombonist in his band, Lawrence Brown.

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This is obviously because people want to see beautiful faces on screen instead of talented actresses and production companies wants to utilize this fact. The popularity of these pin up girls led to an assumption that beautiful girls can do much better as an actress than a talented female actor.

Major Film Production companies and talent agencies choose male talent on the basis of acting, skills and looks. This trend is still in continuation.