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The area turned out to be the Duchess' house, and her meal included Pig Snouts. The Pepper Grinder could have been inspired by Alice's first encounter with the Duchess in Alice's Adventures in Wonderlandwhose kitchen was full of pepper, making everyone, apart from the Cheshire Catfoul-tempered and sneeze uncontrollably.

Most enemies can block its projectiles, sending the pepper corns flying back, and Alice cannot defend herself while attacking, which was a real problem when using it at close range.

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Black peppercorns are created from unripe harvested berries, their color changes from green to black after drying and gains a wrinkled appearance. It fires pepper corns at speed and works in a similar fashion to a rapid-fire machine gun. However, in the end the pepper was the Duchess' downfall, as it made her sneeze so hard, her head exploded.

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Afterwards, she requested Alice to pepper the Pig Snouts in her backyard and gestured to the Pepper Grinder on the table. The Pepper Grinder was similar to a manual burr grinder, with a crank handle at the top and pig-like features carved into the body; the bottom of the grinder, where the pepper corn shot out, was the pig's snout.

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Like her other weapons, the Pepper Grinder is also twice as strong. Please ensure someone over 18 with a valid photo ID is available to sign for pick up.

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Level 4 requires Teeth: We seem to be busy in your area, why not select your delivery window now? Mix the ground pepper through mince for a spicy meatball or add it to olive oil and stir fry vegetables in it. The handle is made from black metal, with an anchor-shape on the end.

A fatter, warthog-like appearance made from black and silver metal. She permitted Alice to approach her but Alice was cautious enough to remember that the Duchess previously wanted to eat her.

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