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It has the chicklet style split-keyboard that all Curve models have and comes complete with the clicky sound too. Not that the Z-series did anything wrong. With the keys being space out, it does make it slightly easier to type on, especially with my smaller hands but I think even larger hands will feel comfortable.

It isn't being targeted for the masses and that's what needs to be realized.

Review: BlackBerry 9720

The keyboard beneath is surrounded by matt plastic. The same can be said for most of the Curve models too, so not much has change in that department. The phone offers both touch and type experience, sporting a 2.

There is however a built-in FM radio, so if you like to listen to the radio this is great way to do so without having to use up your data allowance.

Single Review, online available, Long, Date: Definitely an added plus, although I'm not entirely sure a wider viewing angle is welcome. Because of the limited real estate available, you will realize that despite the excellent tendencies of this screen, it is not ideal for prolonged multimedia use - something the Q5 is a tad better at.

Design The BlackBerry has a very light profile 12 mm thin and grams heavy.