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Your child does not need to put their age, just if they are a Boodie, a Booder or a Boonior! A website created by kids, for kids! The only information required is your desired username and password! Why do these mysteries continue to be popular?

Scrappy is a master at decoding the cryptic clues left by the uncle designed to lead Shaggy to the jewels. A registered user under 10 years old will be known as a Boodie.

Scary ghosts seem to thwart this quest at every turn, so they hire the Boo Brothers, a trio of ghost-busting ghosts who do their best to impersonate the Three Stooges.

Do you think romance fits into the story? That does not deter the threesome from looking for the legendary family jewels said to be hidden somewhere on the property.

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Any child younger than that must ask their parents permission. Georgia The creator of Boo-Doo. It is still under maintenance and more content will be coming soon! How does this Scooby-Doo movie compare to the many other Scooby-Doo stories?

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