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Now, lower tier makers could make a higher tier pipe, but it wasn't their forte.


I wiped it down with a soft cotton cloth and kept it aside to dry out. To further mask the charred inner edges, Abha suggested creating a deeper bevel and attempt to conceal the damaged inner edge within this bevel.

But they all agreed that their reputation rode on the quality of their pipes. I also worked on the button edge and created a crisp edge.

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Of course, after Dunhill bought Charatan, they dropped the Perfection grade and had to replace it with something. The reason for this extra work on Charatan's part was not to hurry the curing of the briar but instead to rid the wood of all leftover sap and resins that otherwise would flavor the smoke.

After Hours This unstained pipe was a grade when it first came out, with Selected-quality grain.

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One thing that I remember coming up from one of those sessions was the idea of tiers of pipe makers. I have always found cigarettes to be irritating, but I decided to try fighting smoke with smoke. The keys for dating post-war to era Charatan pipes are the presence or absence of serifs i.

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Charatan had no way to do anything else, actually.