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Colour sense flirty-licious lip colour for black, popular products

You apply this thick gooey stuff onto your lips, wait for minutes and peel the dried up stuff away!

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For me it takes about min to dry which again is not quite what it promises. Starting from the bottom: I have also tried to apply a thinner layer but it didn't take any less time.

Time truly flies sometimes The product claims to stay on for 12 hours without wearing off even when you eat, brush your teeth or drink! You have to ensure that your lips aren't too dry or the result will not be even. I wanted to share a review on a much hyped product!

This is the same colour on my lips after about 7 hours.

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It was initially showed on a Korean infomercial correct me if I'm wrong! Finish off with lip gloss of lip balm for moist looking lips. You might be able to tell that I really struggled to apply it evenly all over my lips.