SDCC Cosplay Photos: Best & Must-See Fan Costumes SDCC Cosplay Photos: Best & Must-See Fan Costumes

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San Diego Comic Con SDCC 2015 Cosplay Showcase

Back when SDCC had more indie artists and writers, it was easy to find out where various live art shows and bands were going to be that night; that network is more private now. You can look at last year's programming for a better idea.

A bathing suit for the pool and the beach. You will be overwhelmed, mind blown, upon arrival so use the CCI tool or list the booths and panels you want to see on your phone.

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But my overarching advice is to look beyond San Diego Comic-Con. If you're embedding other vacation activities into the Con, or bringing non-geek family members, take that into account as well.

When buying your badge, consider the line factor.

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If you've gone this route before, you already know the hell that is this experience. Finally, places everyone will tell you to go, but that just means they're jam-packed and mediocre: Game of Thrones and Walking Dead have been on Friday the last few years.

Nor do I see CCI revealing that number anytime soon.

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You don't need any kind of training or know-how, and you'll get into the Con for free the day of your assignment. You have to sign up for each specific company and then wait to see if your name gets randomly selected for them. It's not just for aspiring comic book artists.

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Ralph's is a local grocery store at G Street that will help with all of this.