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What's more is that I don't understand how all the news articles that report on it give it universal praise.

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Returning to do the film I was expecting another depressing experience. Granted, it is rude and annoying for someone you barely know to walk up to you and ask your ethnicity, so there is a decent point buried in here.

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Wouldn't a more complete and honest look at the issues he brings up foster better discussion on race relations and work towards a better future? She looked up at me and did a classic double take.

By the end of my journey it felt like the whole carriage was staring at me.

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An early flirtation with karate was short-lived, but in he enrolled at his local tae kwon do academy and never looked back.

Art review I'd have to take her word for it since to me they might as well be twins.

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Once you become skilled in a martial art it makes you streetwise. One time I was on the Tube and I picked up a free newspaper.

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I had one very bizarre day when an intern dropped me off at a dodgy hotel in the middle of town and left me there.

I wore a lot of hair gel in the film, so I had to be careful at all times or I'd have gone up in flames. Or the sex and drug-taking in the show. Now, I'm not suggesting that this comic shouldn't talk about heavy topics like racism; it's important that people try to openly discuss topics like this and bring to light issues so that they might be addressed and acknowledge.

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