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However, he later steps aside and it is implied that Jason ends up with Abby.

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He decides to sell it to a property developer for a large sum of money who plans to demolish it. He inherited the house, in which the story centres, after his grandmother died. Still coping with his romantic feelings for Samantha, Don receives a letter from his solicitors informing him that he may sell the house if he so wishes.

Clark's first television appearance was in a December episode of Only Fools and Horses.

He ends up choosing Abby, the girl he was in love with as a teenager and whom he still fancies. She is much more intelligent than Don and uses this against him on countless occasions; however she admires him for the excitement his life gives her.

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The newspaper The Metro also praised Clark's show, stating "Uninterrupted comic ecstasy", giving it four out of a possible five stars.

The councils in each city are comprised of community leaders who strive to heighten the meaning of fatherhood, while raising funds for philanthropic purposes. Often acting in a socially awkward and diva-style manner.

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Mrs Treacher became a popular session drummer under the name "D-Tree". His biggest enemy is his overactive mind, which plays out countless scenes of things he shouldn't do or say. Several months after Series 3, there have been some changes in Don's life.

Don soon realises there are advantages to letting him stay. As Mrs Treacher is becoming increasingly difficult to look after, Don and Eddie decide to put her in a nursing home, a decision that is made unavoidable by Don selling the house.