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T became very good friends. But you have to evolve to make it in the industry and I guess the fans have to evolve with you. But, the whole experience made her less afraid of the ride.

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For anyone like me who remembers Dana Barron from Vacation, you can see Dana in the new movie The Invited coming soon. And it's not every Tuesday as 1 website says it is.

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She's been reduced to some pretty crummy roles over the past decade or so. Barron worked in more than 70 movies and television to the date.

Dana's second divorce earlier this year was to a Hollywood sessions guitarist named Jeff Fiorentino with whom she has 3 children. There she told the role, where she had to argue with her co-worker Michael Hall, was like a piece of cake for her as she and her little sister used to get into arguments with each other.

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The industry is fickle though. Yes, actress Dana Barron, most notably of Vacation fame has been divorced twice.

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Dana Barron didn't get the part but her and Mr. As a child Dana enjoyed Lobster for example. Vacation is probably to date still the largest role she's had.

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Some of her movies that made a good collection at the box office include: Barron is also interested in film-making and joined Symphony Pictures as Director of Development. That's not a question an actor likes people to ask.

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