Why is this guy long distance texting me when he seems to have a girlfriend? - guyQ by AskMen Why is this guy long distance texting me when he seems to have a girlfriend? - guyQ by AskMen

Dating a guy with a long distance girlfriend, ask a new question

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This guy found his fairytale ending when he moved to be with his girlfriend after they had been long distance for a while. Source 1 Voice your problems: We were a lie.

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One night, we ended up on his front steps talking and laughing. Frozen Sisters In Love.

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It shows that he wishes he could spend every waking minute with her, but the only thing stopping them is the distance. Crying because she misses you is OK, but constant crying and begging is a sign of fear and loneliness.

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Either she is overly jealous and feels so insecure that you are dating other women, or you are! Never seeing the good in anything you discuss Putting down people constantly Lethargy not wanting to talk much "Speed talking" talking rapidly and not making sense Threats of suicide or threats such as: Sadly I was the guy that she left to go back to the long distance relationship guy with - but it's possible and I wish you every luck with your quest.

It has worked before.

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The best option is to video chat over Skype or other apps in which you both can see each other while you talk. Although she does not require romantic demonstration she does need tenderness, so forget the dozens of roses and think more about her personally.


Not only are he and his girlfriend in a long distance relationship, but since he is Christian and she is Muslim, her family is having trouble accepting their relationship. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below1.

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He stays on the phone with her until he falls asleep.