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She knew it may be dangerous, but she was willing to take on the adventure to achieve her dream. Merida teaches us to be brave and accept others as they are.

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Rapunzel — Get out of your comfort zone. She went against all the wishes of her family and the rules of society to gain the honor and respect of everyone.

Wise Disney princesses just chillin.

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The Walt Disney Company This daring princess inspired us to appreciate nature. You know what's crazy?

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For reference sake, we'll compare his tantrums to a man who sounds off whenever he speaks to his mother on the phone.

I mean, you are supposed to be with the person in sickness and in health. But one thing is true, regardless of the fantastical powers, by midnight Cinderella was still who she was when she danced with the prince.

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Dating advice disney princesses given up hope. No matter how old you get, something can always be learned from these eight simplistically animated, beautifully bad-ass women that shaped us as children.

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Perhaps he isn't even that suave either. Two grown-ups should be able to assess whether or not a partnership is worth pursuing or logistically possible.

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Maybe it's the kid in me, but I don't think we should disregard what we can take away from Disney Princess movies as superficial lessons with underlying adult content. But in the end, with the help of a few unfortunate events, a crocodile, and the frog prince, she learns what we all should do in our relationships: