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Imari began to be exported to Europe when the Chinese kilns at Jingdezhen were damaged in the political chaos and the new Qing dynasty government halted trade in — Short of paintings then use porcelain The beauty of Imari porcelain is its diversity and vibrant range of colours hence why you can replace your walls with porcelain rather than paintings.

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Browse and purchase with confidence as our friendly antique dealers will be more than happy to help with any questions on listed items. Imari achieved its technical and aesthetic peak in the Kakiemon style, and it dominated the European market.

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There is also blue and white Imari. Blue and white Kakiemon is called Ai-Kakiemon. Kutani ware is characterized by vivid green, blue, purple, yellow and red colors in bold designs of landscapes and nature.

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Ko-Kutani style evolved into Kakiemon-style Imari, which was produced for about 50 years around History[ edit ] "Imari" was simply the trans-shipment port for Arita wares. It is also important to protect your investment; you can purchase insurance before delivery so in the likelihood your Imari porcelain is damaged you are afforded financial protection in advance.

Prepare by finding a trustworthy, reputable courier who has experience of delivering valuable and fragile items.

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The ware often used copious gildingsometimes with spare isolated sprigged vignettesbut often densely patterned in compartments. That is not to say that Imari ware only made in Japan is of worth, some of the largest collections of Imari ware include Chinese Imari, English and Dutch Delftware inspired by the designs.

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Imari ware tended to be fired at high temperature and features a white body; this type of ceramic is called porcelain and is considered very durable. Some designs such as Kraak porcelain were adopted from China, but most designs were uniquely Japanese owing to the rich Japanese tradition of paintings and costume design.

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Wall charger An oriental Imari wall charger in bright and vibrant colours is an interesting focal point; it is possible to pick up some extremely large wall chargers in excellent condition from the 19th C.

Diversify in your designs The range of designs was vast so why not amalgamate designs, which include tapestry, birds, animals, floral scenes and people, into your collection.

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