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Nxy was more powerful, after defeating the the Hanged Man Arcana, I felt it. Well then, get ready to empty your wallet, Junpei. Personae Used Lv She ran in the weirdest way Resist Elec Reduces damage from Elec attacks. Anubis Eligor x Arch-Angel x Forneus Lv Principality Berith x Zochoten Lv Thor Atropos x Throne Chariot Social Link must be maxed [][] [][] VIII.

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As they say; ignorance is bliss. Whether it had been my imagination or not, I didn't care.

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Absorb Elec Drains damage from Elec attacks. I closed my eyes, and waited for whatever was going to happen next. Nekomata Pixie x Apsaras Lv Ananta Parvati x Orobas Lv Orobas Flauros x Narcissus Lv Alilat Asura x Susa-no-O The Empress Social Link must be maxed [][] [][] IV.

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Fortuna Gurr x Zochoten Lv Omitsunu Flauros x Oberon Lv Tweet Persona 3 Walkthrough: