UEE and Gangnam break up after 3 months ~ Netizen Buzz UEE and Gangnam break up after 3 months ~ Netizen Buzz

Dating three months break up, three months later, he’s had a change of heart. can i trust him?

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However, he has now messaged me to say he left a few things behind. You shouldn't make contact on the basis of that comment alone.

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He may be your future later on in life, but right now, he is just an ex!!! No contact is all about helping you get through the breakup.

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I'm on my first day of the no contact rule. I think about him constantly, and wonder if he is as sad as I am.

7 Powerful Benefits of the No Contact Rule After a Breakup

They had known each other since they were in their first school days. However, I appreciate that this appears to punish you for what he did. Once you do that, you will see that he really is just an ex.

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The no contact rule is all about you. Should I unfriend too?

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When children are involved, you obviously need to have some contact with your ex. It turned peoples' pre-conceived ideas about their prospective spouse, on their heads.

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Twenty years is a long time, but focus on the new opportunities that this affords you. What should I do?

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It depends on what you expect the no contact rule to do.