10 Reasons Why A Guy With Short Height Is Best For Dating 10 Reasons Why A Guy With Short Height Is Best For Dating

Dating when your a short guy, short guys: dating doesn't have to be hard

He always initiated contact and asked me out.

8 perks of dating a short guy that you never thought about

Stretching the Truth Do you ever lie about your height? He never brought it to my attention. Women prefer taller men. As a result, "short" is totally relative and changes based on the environment.

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They want to see how you react. The best choice is to meet women in person first. You might think that you have plenty of confidence, but examine yourself closely. Took all my cargos to the salvation army, i felt….

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There might be a great guy who is 5' 10", but she set the cut-off at 6', so she will never meet him. It was so ingrained in me to date this variety of people Being short doesn't have to affect your dating life.

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So, short dudes have two bad options. Are men willing to eliminate sex? It is almost completely a numbers game, and you are at a distinct disadvantage if you don't immediately appeal to most people.

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