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Enjoy our DayZ download free full version PC as our latest addition to our GamesGames Gallery and prove yourself to be a survivor in the radioactive world of Chernarus! You should however remember one basic rule: If you want to learn who the corpse belongs to, use the Findlaugh dating Body option form the menu.

More and more groups rather not clans but movements who hunt down bandits and help other players are appearing.

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Civilian zombies are the most common and are found roaming about the city. You can also fish, gather, and scavenge. It will not only let you erase any traces of a fight, but will also make it impossible for the killed player to retrieve his equipment.

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If you're not certain of your situation, it's best to leave the area and wait hidden somewhere where you will be able to see the corpse. Some say that all survivors should work together, while the others that the game would quickly become boring without PVP.

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However, as all things these zombies do have certain vulnerabilities and weaknesses which you can discover with this free full version download!

The voice chat built into the ArmA 2 engine works great and will often let you avoid unnecessary fights with other players.

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Bluff if you must and you might just be able to save your life and time spent on collecting equipment. In order to acquire more supplies you must explore houses and buildings and scavenge.

First contact During the initial contact with an unknown player, the microphone plays an invaluable role.