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Image crisis Edit Murderface goes to Dr. Plot Edit At Mordhaus Charles tries to start a meeting but before he can finish his first sentence Nathan loudly interrupts him complaining that the room smells like lemons and asks if the table was recently cleaning with lemon-scented cleaner.

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He tries to play on Nathan's sympathy by telling him the story of a baby so ugly it drove his parents to murder-suicide and the story of a man with low self-esteem and Nathan correctly guesses Murderface is talking about himself.

He doesn't stop screaming throughout. Pickles seems shocked to learn that Toki is still eating lemons all the time and Toki says that he's challenging himself to endure the flavour comparing it to putting your hand over an open flame.

It's unclear whether they actually said this or he imagined it. Back at Mordhaus; Pickles, Toki and Swisgaar are chilling in the hot tub and are waiting for Nathan to join them. The Tribunal's in-house specialist has made four possible faces that William could get at his surgery. Instead, let them empower you.

He says he's handsome underneath his mask and that he'll show everyone what handsome really means. Edit Murderface wins an award for being ugly, which makes him seek plastic surgery to improve his looks.

Nathan tells them he's down in Tijuana getting some cosmetic procedures done to be handsome and confident and then remembers it was a secret he was not supposed to tell. Nathan remarks that Skwisgaar has been drinking a lot of coffee lately and Charles tries to get the meeting back on track.

Backstage, Dethklok is discussing their "improved" looks. These are terrifying numbers, but once again, the tips in this article are here to help protect you and your loved ones and lower that number to zero. Pickles also starts to complain about the manufacturing but then takes his dreadlocks back from the Klokateer and puts them back on.

Dethklok members would end up losing their sense of self and the respect of all mankind. They seem to be pleased with themselves and Nathan says there's no way they'll be the ugliest members of the band, right then Murderface walks in and tells him he's wrong.