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The GoPro Hero 4 Black provides the user with a versatile aerial camera capable of fps p footage and 30fps 4K footage. Tilt the camera as you fly, so you can create the graceful moving shot. Then you can check its price on Amazon.


Below is what the Phantom 2 Vision offers. In the case that some malfunctions occur, or you simply want to know something regarding your drone, you can call them on the phone, online chat, or by email all of which you can find on their website.

The Phantom 2 allows you to choose from two GPS-assisted flight modes: My vision was working perfectly until I installed the firmware updates. Even if you are stubborn and keep on flying in that direction, the NFZ will prevent the drone from entering that zone, and keep it hovering outside the restricted area, until you decide to redirect it.

Which at least led to being able to recover it and a reasonably soft crash through light branches.

The android camera connection showed broken. The flight time is the same, 25 minutes, so is the flight speed and maximum height. Similar models or main competitors DJI Phantom 2 Vision Like the Phantom 2, the Vision also comes with a built-in GPS unit, which offers the same midair position holding, and it also comes with the Return-to-Home feature if the drone goes out of range or the battery goes empty.