Vivienne Becomes Real in Dragon Age: Inquisition Vivienne Becomes Real in Dragon Age: Inquisition

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However, she later becomes disgusted with Vivienne's perversion of the Chant of Light's intent to suit her whims and leaves. You don't even need to "plan" the build in order for it to be particularly strong. If the mages were conscripted: Vivienne is fond of politics and appreciates an Inquisitor who plays The Grand Game well, either by maintaining a polite facade or by noticing and pointing out hidden motivations in others, including in Vivienne herself.

Dragon Age Inquisition Character Kit #3 – Vivienne

She claims that she was needling the Inquisitor to test their limits but she also expresses her disapproval at how the Inquisitor allows the mage rebel "malcontents" loose on the population unchecked.

She intervenes when marquis Alphonse openly disparages the Inquisition and attempts to challenge the Inquisitor, magically immobilizing him, and leaves his fate up to the Inquisitor.

The other skills are all worthwhile but don't take the upgrade to Disruption Field. As a result, she likes those who support the Circle system and scorn the mage rebels. Chaos reigned for months but eventually subsided.

The two groups settle into an uneasy coexistence in which they vie for power. Still, this is only a stepping stone to what we really need in this tree: If Leliana became Divine, the end of the Inquisition sent shock waves through the College of Enchanters.

One of those companions is Vivienne, who we have already met in the recent trailer. Vivienne treats the Inquisitor to a "spa day". Her magnificent attire is a sign of her station, the jewel of the high court of Orlais where wealth, power, and beauty are inextricably linked.

Nearly every fraternity clamored for her favor in hopes of having a representative at the empress' ear.

Those veteran mages of the Inquisition who did not return to the fold formed a new College of Enchanters as a rival organization to her circle.