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To your dismay, the situation is not that simple.

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What is a slice shot? Near the top of your swing, rotate your wrist very quickly counter-clockwise assuming you are a righty.

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Volleys are almost always hit from inside the service line, such as when approaching the net during a rally. Tennis legend Andre Agassi was instrumental in changing the way tennis was played in the late 80s and early 90s with his crushing groundstrokes, particularly his awesome forehand.

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To hit a volley in GST, you can either use a motion similar to proper tennis form, or, what most people will likely do, just flick your wrist in the direction you want the ball to go. Your forward swing should end prematurely so that you have your Wii-Mote pointing towards the right side of your TV.

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Sometimes the game doesn't register your move so you inevitably lose points. For example, as the polished, clean interface displays on-screen, you will notice a variety of play styles and options available, from traditional tennis to a party mode designed for up to four players and an online component.

I expected it to be physically as demanding, at least equally accurate and fun. Every tournament starts at the round of 32 stage round 3. Groundstrokes - Top Spin - Rafa Style: Conquer the various skill and legends challenges to accumulate more skills for your created player.

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The player can equip only one ability to start with, however as the player increases in skill, they will be able to equip multiple abilities at one time. As soon as the ball is tossed, press left or right on the Wii-Mote D-Pad to direct your serve to that location in the service box.

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Use the Wii remote to focus on ball placement or plug in the Nunchuk the control your player's movement in addition to the shots. I can't recommend highly enough that you start with this.

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