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Ecumenismo religioso yahoo dating, ec·u·me·nism

Nevertheless, the Orthodox have not been willing to participate in any redefinition of the Christian faith toward a reduced, minimal, anti-dogmatic and anti-traditional Christianity. For the Catholic and Orthodox churches, the process of approaching one another is formally split in two successive stages: Contents [ show ] Christian ecumenism and interfaith pluralism Christian ecumenism, in the narrower sense referred to above, is the promotion of unity or cooperation between distinct religious groups or denominations of Christianity.

As with many revolutionary movements, terrorism and psychological warfare become the means of social conditioning to prepare the masses for the acceptance of a new leadership, which promises greater freedom, while simultaneously threatening the most tyrannical measures of dominance.

For Orthodoxy to grow, the state agents and spies who we know in many cases are operatives of NATO and western intelligencetheir ecumenical buchdruck online dating destruction project must be rejected as modern forms of Jeroboaism.


Roman Catholicism Main article: You witnessed how their Missionary work was generously financed…yet you, a poor, Orthodox Nun, had such limited material margins, either to facilitate you, or for offering to others. Who is your guide, for all these things? It is the presupposition of placing Jehovah on the same level as Baal and Ashtoreth from which one may freely choose like a buffet that is the root of the apostasy of Jeroboam.

The words of St. In matters of faith, compromise is in contradiction with God who is Truth. Before the Second Vatican Councilthe main stress was laid on this second aspect, as exemplified in canon of the Code of Canon Law: Only as a scientific pastime.

They said that "notwithstanding the hopes of many in the church", the Assembly "is not prepared to exercise further its determining responsibility in this matter". The root of the problem for Israel was the collapse of the true religion, the church, and as a result the schismatic state of Jeroboam was able to concoct an intelligence operation based around his own Pharaonic control.

Even the term "schism", as defined in canon of its Code of Canon Law "the withdrawal of submission to the Supreme Pontiff or from communion with the members of the Church subject to him"does not, strictly speaking, apply to the situation of the concrete individual members of the Eastern Orthodox Church today as viewed by the Catholic Church.

Indeed, the entire ethos of America is built on the false presupposition that religious liberty means the freedom to erect a tax free religious cult for Jesus, Satan or even a hybrid of both like Charles Manson proffered. Three approaches to Christian unity. The interfaith movement strives for greater mutual respect, toleration, and co-operation among the world religions.