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So if you keep the real instance and interact with it, don't expect the spied to be aware of those interaction and their effect on real instance state.

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Well, it is done in this line, which resides in the setUp method: Making a real object spy serializable is a bit more effort as the spy Now we have successfully created and injected the mock, and now we should tell the mock how to behave when certain methods are called on it.

Capturing arguments for further assertions Since 1. This probably means you're testing too much.

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Verification with timeout Since 1. It's because stubbing belongs to given component of the test and not to the when component of the test.

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Better generic support with deep stubs Since 1. May be useful for testing in concurrent conditions. First potential code smell is reset in the middle of the test method. It causes a verify to wait for a specified period of time for a desired interaction rather than fails immediately if had not already happened.

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Previously we considered partial mocks as code smells. There are several threads about it on mockito mailing list. Bear in mind, it isn't an ideal use case, but I wanted to illustrate the basic usage: However, we found a legitimate use case for partial mocks - more reading: Helps avoiding redundant verification of stubbed calls - typically we're not interested in verifying stubs.

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To create serializable mock use MockSettings. This is particularly useful for mocking abstract classes because the user is no longer required to provide an instance of the abstract class.

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