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Elizabeth gillies and avan jogia dating, victoria justice discusses victorious video game

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Speaking up about her rumors, she was once rumored to be dating Avan Jogia. Avan had his arm around Liz for a lot of the interview, and also touched her arm once.

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Avan and Liz did an interview together in this video and spoke about the Beck and Jade relationship and about the show's new video game. Avan, Liz and Victoria get interviewed and the 3 are close together.

No, Avan is dating Zoey Deutch.

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In this videoAvan and Liz are sitting next to each other and Avan has his arm around the back of the chair Liz is sitting in. Zoey Deutch Yes, his girlfriend is Zoey Deutch.

Liz and Avan were seen sitting next to each other at the KCA's.

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He had also said that she is the person that he sees movies with most often. They did a freestyle rap together, and Liz said that Avan is a "really cool dude. Wait the other person was LizGillies?

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In an interview, Liz said that she and Avan have a really good time playing boyfriend and girlfriend on the show. If you were a true fan of her, then you will definitely be saying NO to the relationship. He has a tattoo on his stomach, a quote from his favorite writer Hunter S.

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The Casting for Maximum Ride hasn't official been stated, nor does anyone know if it has actually started.