Enfield No.2 Mk.1 Revolver Enfield No.2 Mk.1 Revolver

Enfield no2 mk1 revolver dating, a 3d model

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It was fairly rough looking with approx half the painted black finish missing, broken Vulcanite stocks and a loose latch. This affects the shootability of the weapon and is the reason for taking such great care to ensure that rifles always have their same bolt that they were proofed with.

And as they say, in close combat, shot placement is king and penetration is queen. This accounts for the decision to develop a new revolver during the period, though one of smaller caliber requiring far less training to master.

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As a historian, I always proceed from the assumption that a decision probably had at least some basis in reality, some redeeming quality or rationale, even if things turned out quite wrong in the end.

I was issued six rounds of s dated ammo. It is however doubtful whether anyone other than the owner has ever been hurt by a pistol wielded by an officer. Unlike other powers of the day, many of whom moved to adoption of semi-automatic repeating pistols, the British Army elected to stay the course with revolvers for the near future.

Enfield No 2 Mk 1

This pivoting action also operates an extractor that pushes any cartridges in the chambers out far enough so that they will fall free, or can be easily removed. It is a six shot top-break revolver that is chambered for the.

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Early production forms featured an exposed hammer spur while a follow-up form introduced a "spur-less" hammer intended reduce snagging on clothing and the like. Yes, armies blunder badly in the design and selection of weapons all the time.

Its full title was Pistol, Revolver, Number 2 Mark 1. Data from WW2 shows that pistols caused more injuries to those who carried them than to the enemy [See The Face of Battle by John Keegan for instance] After all, the reason an officer gets a pistol is so that he doesn't go shooting at things but rather works out what his men should be shooting at.

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The photograph on the left is of the inscription that is located on the right side of the receiver. This change was encouraged by the British Tank Corps who found their standard-issue No.

This seems likely as the men are probably practising single action shots with the pistol cocked and the hammer back.

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The picture on the right is of the markings that are found at the top of the trigger.