View spreadsheets side by side View spreadsheets side by side

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View two worksheets of different workbooks side by side Open both of the workbooks that contain the worksheets that you want to compare.

Click Synchronous Scrolling to scroll down both spreadsheets at the same time and compare the differences.

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However simple it may seem, each time they appear in the same window. As you can see, the row column is highlighted in orange.

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This is very time-consuming unless your data comparison requires static view. Arrange the sheets to your liking By default, this will show your spreadsheets in separate panes horizontally.

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Then pick the View side by side option. Both files have a row difference.

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In this example, I set my row starting point for the first file at row 10 and for the second file at row When it was turned on, this section will be highlighted in orange. Whichever workbook you click, it appears in the same window.

View spreadsheets side by side

Repeat the same steps in the other Excel file. If you resize the workbook windows for optimal viewing, you can click Reset Window Position to return to the original settings. Instead, they are shown as separate Excel windows.

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