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Made in the EU November 19 — Rathafandhoo online dating ends her tour in Tokyo, Japan. Tribute To Accept- Vol. This site was created for real music lovers.

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The Dark Saga Label: For those who wish to discover the live sounds in its full depth, there are DVD-Audio albums, but they are 10 times bigger than CD copies; on the other hand they have a more colorful and crisp sound.

December 22 — Michael Jackson makes his first public statement regarding the child molestation allegations leveled against him.

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August 28 — Bruce Dickinson plays his final show with Iron Maiden until his return in in London. September 14 — A civil lawsuit is filed against Michael Jackson by thirteen-year-old Jordan Chandler and his parents, accusing the singer of sexually abusing the boy over the course of their friendship.

June 7 On his 35th birthday, Prince announces that he is changing his name to an unpronounceable symbol.

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In a videotaped address, Jackson calls the accusations "totally false" and asks the public to "wait to hear the truth before you label or condemn me.

The event is marred by technical difficulties as many participants, including the band members themselves, have trouble logging on to the chat. The charges are later dropped. September—October[ edit ] September 2 — Snoop Dogg and his bodyguard are charged with the August 25 murder of a year-old gang member in a drive-by shooting.

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Our great collection of music is unique thanks to the quality of music and a wide range of different genres and styles. They are cleared of the charges in Break The Curse Label: It is also to hear the deep breaths that a singer within a performance, how a guitarist runs his fingers over the strings of his beloved guitar, how a drummer brushes the snare drums The Steve Miller Band Album: For stereo with high bitrate we recommend Vinyl-Rip collection where the music is digitized from vinyl records with a unique warmth and crackles from the LP.

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