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Finance guy makes incredibly detailed dating spreadsheet

He went out of his way in September to visit me for a weekend, that was very sweet. Though i must admit the lack of time together is really getting to me. See how far you can get into his personal space. His ego was maybe hurt when you didn't spontaneously tell him you missed him, so he asked you just to be sure.

I went on a date with this guy last wednesday.

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Mikus 2 Comments Interested in the cultural differences between. If you say no, then he will be sad but will always like you even though you said no. This spreadsheet dating finance guy gave me more ideas to add to my yearly tracking.

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February 13, at 7: This is again a personal question without seeming like you are interrogating about his love life. Try turning the tables on him and asking him out instead. It usually isn't an innocent question, but one that relays his thoughts that you don't value him, or that you act impossible to please at times.

Look deep into his eyes when you put this question to your guy. Probably just shy most of the time if a guy flirts and does not ask you on a date he is just shy or afraid that you will say no. It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration.