Eurobahn signs operating contract - Railway Gazette Eurobahn signs operating contract - Railway Gazette

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Digital joy is now yours! The interesting 'digital' design also really nicely complements the sets appearance and I think is one of the best examples of 'design' in contemporary train set livery.

It appears that the prototype is quite popular in many European countries and there is a huge list of great looking color schemes to produce for years to come.

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The DB version was released just about a year ago, with an SBB version released last Spring or Summer, leaving me to think that this special livery produced in coordination with Modellbahn Union was going to be forgotten!

Once you find a nice, protected place to turn this long set on its backside the cars are all connected - and its heavily implied in the instructions not too disconnect them!

Now you need to remove the body shell in pretty much typical fashion. I'm also curious to see what other liveries Liliput eventually hopefully? No removing of the shell or unscrewing anything! Some more cool things about this set: But and I think most of you will agree with this the good part is that this allows for all the wheel-sets to have power pickup!

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I wish I could say every purchase I have had in this hobby was just as rewarding and hopefully other FLIRT owners have had similarly positive experiences!

And if you've seen the video and if your in this hobby, I'm sure you can commiserate! Although its a basic NEM decoder install, getting to the socket is the big challenge! It might be considered a nuisance to have to keep all four of the cars connected all the time.