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Flirt nebeneinander sitzendorf, sitzendorf, germany.

Production stopped in November 15thfollowing the filing of an insolvency appeal. Sitzendorfer Porzellanmanufaktur Georg Macheleidt until In the year the candidate of theology Georg Heinrich Macheleidt, who was born in Cursdorf and had been living in Sitzendorf for a few years, received a concession from Prince Johann-Friedrich von Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt to establish a porcelain factory in Sitzendorf.

In the company was managed with government engagement as were most larger East German companies during that time. June 1st until After German reunification the factory was reprivatized and refounded as limited partnership on June 1st with Rolf Rebhan's daughter Carla Hermann as the complementary while her husband Uwe Hermann together with Mr.

The same year, a regional steam engine museum named Dampfmaschine was established on the premises; that alone had over 8, visitors between the day of the opening on June 29th until November 1st.

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For the Sitzendorf factory this process resulted in the construction of a representative sales room as well as an urgently needed mold storage, but the largest change was the conversion to gas fired kilns as this required the construction of an ugly but effective bridge across the Schwarza river in which reconnected the factory with the district gas mains.

That was in followed by the reconstruction of the old dining hall which then housed the restaurant, named Schatztruhe 'Treasure Trove'. Just over ten years later, the situation was dire. By then the East German state was not only drastically loosing ground politically; the financial situation of the whole state was catastrophic and the East German government slowly realized that large amounts of foreign currency would be needed to change the situation.

Directed by Rolf Rebhan's son-in-law Uwe Hermann, the very successful th anniversary celebrations went ahead in After initial success, the whole factory was moved to the town of Volkstedt by order of the Prince just two years later. Sitzendorfer Porzellanmanufaktur until The factory was completely nationalized in the year and the still existing shacks in the yard that now contained a small tool factory were removed after this moved into the former gas works.

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