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Scrolling down, she tapped her foot anxiously against the pavement and found that the leaderboard had been posted, listing not one name as the current head, but six.

Stepping towards it, she surveyed herself with a critical eye, double checking her hair for any flyaways, combing the strands that had escaped her braided updo. Well, I should hope not, I don't particularly want to be stepping over dead bodies on our front door every morning, wouldn't you agree?

Flirt With Disaster

Rewards The Love is in the Air event offers a variety of rewards, including two mounts, two pets, and many achievements. Bella's eyes found her first. Even if it meant that their chances of winning the game had been decreased. From her bag, she took out her choice of weapons: Ana pushed off the wall she had been leaning against, and then quickly walked to the nearest bathroom to check whether or not her makeup or outfit had been ruffled while outside.

But Ana wasn't one to judge- makeup was supposed to enhance the face, and make a girl feel more confident, and if that was the way that those girls boosted their self-esteem, then so be it. Overview During the Love is in the Air event, you will mostly be doing daily quests and fighting the boss of the event.

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She looked up again. Date and Timeline Love is in the Air is a 2-week event. Whipping out a tube of dark, crimson lipstick, she suddenly said, "So you haven't heard yet, have you?

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And who were the six? Using these items will give you a temporary buff that stacks with flasks and does not drop when you enter a dungeon or raid. You will earn these coins by doing daily quests, killing the boss of the event, and farming for Lovely Charms.

Only the fucking Nobilis and herself, as starters.

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