Karst Features in Indiana Karst Features in Indiana

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Surface streams in a karst area are generally short and lose their water during dry periods, but some sinking streams drain many square miles. For more information about cave safety, visit the website "Caves—visiting caves and cave safety" Frushour, n.

In south-central Indiana, karst features are present in the Mitchell Plateau and parts of the Crawford and Norman Uplands. People wonder if something similar could happen in Indiana; however, there are some geologic and hydrologic differences between the karst and cavernous regions of Indiana and those of Florida.

Indiana Academy of Science Proceedings forv. Indiana University Press, p. It is a steep-walled closed depression with a flat alluviated bottom fig. Sinkholes may or may not have an apparent opening to underground drainage.

These areas are developed on carbonate strata of Silurian and Devonian age. The uppermost or shallow groundwater in karst terrains can easily be contaminated because surface waters can move rapidly and flow directly into the subsurface at sinkholes and swallow holes Hasenmueller and Powell, Many of the collapse sinkholes in Florida that effect buildings are in urban or suburban areas and were caused by leakage from water and sewer lines, swimming pools, and ponds.

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Subsequently, even smaller storms are capable of flooding the sinkholes and surrounding areas fig. We can protect the karst environment by not disposing of trash in sinkholes. Introduction Karst is a distinctive type of landscape or topography that commonly occurs where carbonate strata limestones and dolostones are at the surface.

Indiana Geographic Information Council website, http: This park has several karst features including Wolf Cave, natural bridges, and a number of deep sinkholes Frushour, The program, in partnership with the Indiana Karst Conservancy, allows for recreational caving by groups on an interim basis.

As of JuneWyandotte Cave was closed indefinitely in an effort to protect the bat population against white-nose syndrome. In arid locations, karst features can develop on soluble bedrock units such as gypsum or salt deposits White,